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Top 10 Facts About Ramadan

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Find out all about the Islamic month of Ramadan

1. Ramadan is one of the Five Pillars of Islam

The 5 pillars of Islam are key practices that Muslim’s should follow.

2. Ramadan happens during the 9th month of the Islamic calendar

It then lasts the whole month.

3. During Ramadan Muslims fast

Muslims don’t eat or drink anything during the hours of daylight. This is called fasting.

Children don’t usually fast until they are 14 years old.

Not all Muslims have to fast. For example if you are pregnant, elderly or unwell you do not need to fast. You should only fast if you feel you are able to safely.

4. The dates of Ramadan change every year

This is because the Islamic calendar is based on the moon cycle.

In 2022 in the UK, Ramadan will begin in the evening of Saturday 2 or 3 April and will end on Sunday 1 May.

5. Muslims have a special meal before and after each day of fasting

Muslims have a meal at sunrise called Suhoor which means ‘of the dawn’. They then have a meal after sunset called Iftar which means ‘break of the fast’.

6. The end of Ramadan is celebrated with a big celebration called ‘Eid ul-Fitr’

During Eid ul-Fitr Muslims see their family, give gifts and give thanks to  Allah (swt)..

7. The practice of fasting during Ramadan began in the year 624 CE

This was 2 years after the start of the Islamic Calendar.

The Prophet Muhammad and his followers would fast to show thanks to God, similar to what Muslims do now.

8. Ramadan remembers the month the Qur’an was first revealed to the Prophet Muhammad.

The Qur’an is the Islamic holy book. The actual night that the Qur’an was revealed is a night known as Lailut ul-Qadr (‘The Night of Power’).

9. During Ramadan you can greet someone by saying “Ramadan Mubarak”

“Ramadan Mubarak,” means “have a blessed Ramadan.”



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