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How to make Wudu (Ablution)

Almighty Allah [swt] says:

“O, believers! When you stand for prayer wash your faces and hands to the elbows, wipe your head and wash your feet to the ankles.” [Qur’an: 5:6]

The Holy Prophet [saw] said:

“Almighty Allah does not accept the prayer of any one of you if he is impure until he makes the Wudu.” [Bukhari]

There are three types of Wudu:

1. Fard [Obligatory]: Wudu is obligatory for the performance of prayer and touching the Qur’an.
2. Waajib [Necessary]: Wudu is necessary for the circumambulation [round trip] of the Ka’bah.
3. Mustahab [Desirable]: Wudu is recommended before going to sleep and before having an obligatory bath and fresh Wudu without the necessity

Obligatory Aspects of Wudu

These are four:

1. To wash the face once with purifying water. Lengthwise the face extends from the hairline of the forehead to below the chin and breadthwise from one earlobe to the other. The hair of the beard which is on the circle of the face must be washed and for the hair which is longer than the circle of the face it is desirable to wash them and it is Sunnah to wipe them. If the beard is thin and sparse then the hair and the skin must be washed and if the beard is thick then it is enough to wash the hair only.

2. To wash the hands once including the elbows.

3. Wiping of a quarter of the head once with wet hands. Masah literally means to pass hand on something and according to Shari’ah, it is to pass wet hands on the parts of the body.

4. Washing of the feet once including the ankles.

The Sunnahs of Wudu

1. To make the intention of Wudu before you begin.
2. To say “Bismillah” before you begin.
3. To wash the hands up to the wrist 3 times.
4. To gargle the mouth.
5. To wash the nostril.
6. To use Miswaak to clean the teeth. “Miswaak” is a special tooth-brush made from the roots of certain trees.
7. To make Wudu in the correct sequence.
8. To wash all parts immediately one after the other.
9. To wash all parts 3 times.
10. To make Masah of the ears.
11. To make Masah of the whole head.
12. To make “Khilal” of the beard (pass wet fingers through the beard).
13. To make Khilal of the fingers and toes (pass wet fingers in between the toes and fingers).

This section only “The Sunnahs of Wudu” has been extracted from Aashiq-e-Rasul

Note: When any of the washing parts has anything on them [like a tight ring, nail varnish etc.] which hinders the water from reaching the skin then it must be removed and the skin washed properly.

Things that break your Wudu

1. Discharging urine or stool
2. Discharge of gases;
3. Flowing of blood or pus out of anything part of the body;
4. Vomiting in mouthful;
5. To sleep lying down or by resting the body against something;
6. To faint due to some illness or by any other reason;
7. Becoming insane or going mad.


a. If one is unable to control his urination or wind due to serious medical complication he will be considered as excused. The rule for an excused person is that he makes fresh Wudu for each prayer whether obligatory or voluntary.
b. If one is certain that he has done Wudu and then he has doubt about being unclean he will be considered clean since doubt cannot override a certainty



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