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Affordable Online Quran Classes & Online Arabic Classes. Alim Live is highly recommended for offering the best online Quran classes for kids & adults because of our loyal online Quran teachers and hardworking management.

We offer the best online classes to learn Quran online. We have years of experience in managing online Quran teaching for kids and adults. We offer online Quran classes for students from the UK

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How to get Started

  • Install Zoom on your Devices.
  • Create an email account with Google or Microsoft.
  • Register your Zoom account with your email. 
  • Add a Contact on your Zoom Account
  • imam31392@gmail.com
  • imamred72@gmail.com
How to Start your Class
How to Contact the Imam
  • From Zoom account Select your Imam.
  • Choose the option, Meet with video.
  • Share your device Screen, lesson through Zoom Video.
Be On time Please !
  • Make sure you are in the state of Purity / Wudu.
  • Before Joining the Class make sure you revise your lesson.
  • Your teacher will notify you with time of class.
Stay in touch
  • Head Imam Mian Sajid Latif.
    Mob no: 07828783600.
  • Imam Hafiz Waseem.
    Mob no: 07598 780272
Staff -Technician
  • Muhammad Amir
    Mob no:07538 214079

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