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Halal Food Stores

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Halal products that you can buy in supermarkets

A Muslim Traveller’s Guide To Buying Halal Products In Redhill Supermarkets

One of the common challenges faced by Muslim travellers is finding halal food. Many of us have planned and experienced cooking our own food while we are abroad. Perhaps, we just miss the taste of food from home, and we can also save some money if we cook ourselves!

If you are travelling to Redhill soon, don’t fret as there are several halal shops in Redhill that sell halal meat for you to whip up your own meals while travelling!

Redhill Halal Food Centre
26 Station Rd Redhill RH1 1PD Phone: 01737 766888

United Oriental Asian
2 Cromwell Road Redhill Surrey RH1 1RT Phone: 01737 778 444

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