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Plan for your future and for your family!

We are delighted to inform you of our new Islamic will writing service. Making a will is something we put at the back of our minds because we don’t want to think about the inevitable. However, having an Islamic will is essential for a Muslim, to ensure your wealth is distributed as prescribed in the Qur’an. Unnecessary family disputes can often be avoided if you make a will.

It is a duty of a Muslim who has anything to bequeath not to let two nights pass without including it in his will. {Sahih al-Bukhari}

We have regular surgeries running at the Mosque & Centre to help ensure you get the correct legal and Islamic advice. Available in multi-languages (specify at the time of booking).

Abdullah bin ‘Umar narrated that the Messenger of Allah (saws) said, “It is not permissible for any Muslim who has something to will to stay for two nights without having his will and testament written and kept ready with him” (Bukhari).

Pursuant to the Prophet’s (saws) order for Muslims to have their wills written, I hereby request and certify the following while being in full mental capacity and health.

I request that when I am in the brink of death, the best of people with the utmost faith be called to cajole and encourage me to say the words of the Shahadah: “La ilaha ill-Allah, Muhammadun Rasulullah.”

This is in observance with the Prophet’s saying which goes: “Anyone whose last words were La ilaha ill-Allah, Muhammadun Rasulullah’ will enter Paradise (Ahmad, Abu Dawud and al-Hakim – Saheeh).

I warn you against wailing, beating your faces, or tearing your clothes, as the Prophet (saws) has prohibited these acts. After you have buried me, the first thing you must do is to clear me of my debts, if any, as the believer’s soul is held back by his liabilities.

Do not practice innovations regarding the three-day condolence period, such as bringing in someone to recite excerpts from the Quran or to prepare food for guests. And if you do any such innovations, I am free from that guilt and deviation, having therefore discharged my moral responsibility by informing you. I proclaim that there is no deity except Allah (swt). Indeed, to Allah,(swt) we belong and indeed to Him we return. O Allah (swt), reward me in this affliction and replace it with something better for me

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